Solar Powered Stock Fencing

Solar Powered Fencing Explained by Stradbally Farm Services

Thefarmpage received this interesting article from Stradbally Farm Services highlighting the benefits of solar powered electric stock fencing. Follow regular articles on the farm page from Stradbally Farm Services.

Solar Powered Fencing is a low cost, efficient and effective way of controlling livestock in areas where mains power is not available.They are designed to work in our climatic conditions and give adequate voltage on the fence wire to control livestock under  vegetation growth conditions ie 100 Ohms resistance.

The PE702S .16 output joule and the PE705S .5 output joule integrated solar fencers i.e. fencer, battery and solar panel in one easy to carry cabinet, are the ideal strip grazing units and can power from  1.5 to 6 km of polytape or polywire.

Pel’s policy “Leaders in the Field” has led to the introduction of the Pel Unigizer range which means they can be powered by mains or 12 volt supply. This means that by using any of the Pel 1-6 output joule fencers and suitable solar panel we can now fence from 15 to 90 acres using 2.5mm galvanised permanent fence wire.

All Pel Solar Powered Fencers are designed so that the solar panel only charges the battery in daylight hours. The solar panel design ensures that there is no power drawback from the battery to the panel in darkness. This ensures that the fencer always has a fully charged battery to draw power from.

By using a Pel Solar Powered Fencer farmers can permanently fence outfarms without having to worry about the battery running down or having to recharge or replace batteries. They can manage paddocks more efficiently, improve pasture management, increase profits and achieve peace of mind. To date we have many thousands of units working satisfactorily in Ireland and the UK.

Advantages of Solar Powered Fencer.

  •  Removes cost of replacement batteries.
  •  Battery charged during daylight hours.
  •  Removes problem of recharging batteries.
  •  Continuous charge prolongs battery life.
  •  Is reliable and cost effective.
  •  Is environmentally friendly.



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